Florida Atmosphere Entertainment

Surfer Couple Living Statues

Talking Table Heads

Imagine taking your picture next to a beautiful sculpture, only to find that the sculpture has come to life and is trying to grab your bags!  Audiences will be amazed as our human sculptures remain completely still for various lengths of time, providing beauty and class to the room.  Be careful taking pictures however, because these amazing statues may come to life at any moment creating havoc and laughs for everyone watching. 

Your event will be the talk of the grocery store as our hilarious Watermelon and Pineapple Heads crack on your guests.  Our hilarious improvisational actors weren’t taught table manners and will use their quick wit to bring tears of laughter to everyone who walks by.  A truly unique entertainment idea that will be talked about for years to come.


The Everglades are infested with Snakes, and our daring and beautiful snake wrangler will give you an up and close view of these intimidating creatures.

Yikes! Gators!

This is the real thing!  Our professional gator handler will let you get more than too close to one of the most ferocious reptiles in the world!  Not only is this a great photo opportunity, but our trainers will give you fascinating information about alligators, crocodiles, snakes, or anything else that makes your heart beat faster!

Bird Handler

A beautiful Parrot will add elegance and excitement to your event.  This amazing bird can perform various tricks and is available for pictures and can be held by guests.  Our bird trainer will educate your guests and has extensive experience with large crowds having worked in the world’s largest theme parks.

Beware! The Swamp Thang!

Who knows what lurks in the shadowy undergrowth of the murky bog….


Your guests will gasp when this creature comes to life!  This perfectly camouflaged beast will thrill your guests and make them jump!  Add some B-movie hilarity to the festivities with this Swamp Thang!

Tiki Caricatures

Add the flavor of the Pacific as a Caricature Artist draws your guests, and digitally morphs the subject in to their own personalized Tiki.  Each guest will receive a 4x6 print.


Our hilarious pantomime artists have become local celebrities performing at Sea World in Orlando.  Your guests will have to be careful about what they do and how they look, as these comedians have a way of making fun of any imperfection they can detect!

Tacky Tourists

Crazy Tacky Tourists will crash your event Florida style!  These comedic actors are experts at improvisation and will keep your guests laughing all the way to the pool!  Decked out with cameras, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen, these nutty characters will bring life to your party!

Cigar Roller

Bring a taste of Havana to your event with our authentic Cigar Roller. This rare artist will hand roll cigars for your guests using the finest tobacco leaves.  

Cigar Hostess

Our attractive Carmen Miranda style Cigar Hostess, dressed in tropical attire, will interact with your guests and pass out fine cigars!

Stilt Walkers

The one act everyone will look up to!  Our well-balanced Stilt Walkers will keep the party going, as they mingle, take photos and dance the night away with your guests Choose from a variety of costumes!  These athletic entertainers have made hundreds of corporate appearances, and can be seen at Universal Studios Mardi Gras celebrations each year.

Face Painters

If tattoos aren't your style, perhaps a palm tree on the cheek is more your speed.  Kids and adults will line up has our face painters turn your face into a canvas of color.


Add black light fixtures and our artists will bring their glow-in-the-dark paint for some real fun!

Psychics/Tarot Card Readers

The future may look good, but why wait to find out?  Our entertaining team for Fortunetellers will use their special skills to give your guests the good news of the future that awaits them, through Tarot Card and Crystal Ball readings.  

Postcard Artist

Forget standing in line at a cheesy tourist shop to get a post card.  Our talented Postcard Artist will draw a custom postcard with your face in it!  Just tell the artist the setting you wish to be in and he will put your there, then slap a stamp on it and send it off!  The perfect souvenir for your corporate event or party.  We can even put your company name on it!

Sand Sculptor

Sand sculpting is truly an art, and your guests will be in for a treat as our amazing artist creates a masterpiece in the sand.  Bringing the beauty and compliments of nature and architecture together is what they do best.  Each sculpture is built with pure sand, water, and a lot of creativity.  Depending on time and location, our sand sculptor can create your company logo, castles, or anything else using anywhere from 1 to 10 tons of sand!

Tropical Lettering

Your name will take a completely different look with the amazing and beautiful Tropical Lettering.  This unique artist will create your name or message using tropical icons such as Dolphins, Palm Trees, Flamingos, and Lighthouses.  This colorful art piece is a gift you will treasure forever!  

Hair Braiders

Our Hair Braiders will give you the perfect Island doo, giving you a relaxed look and attitude of the Islands!

Palm Weaver

Palm Frond Weaving is an ancient art that has developed in several parts of the world, most notably the South Pacific Islands.  Our expert Palm Weaver will shape a treasure for you to go home with!

Message in a Bottle

No, we aren’t bringing Sting to your event but we may bring you good fortune!  Our Fortune Teller will give you a sea of wonderful information about your future in a unique way!  Sit down and relax as she tells your fortune.  At the end of the session she will write a special note and put it in a bottle for you to keep!  It’s like a nautical fortune cookie! 

Our exclusive coconut artist hand paints designs on ½ shell coconuts live at your event!  You choose polished coconuts or coconut shells with their natural texture.  Your guests pick their design, and the artist adds their name to further customize the piece.

Painted Sand Dollars

Hand-painted custom designs perfect for any special occasion.  The Legend of the Sand Dollar tells of the 5 doves that are inside and how when the sand dollar is broken open it spreads goodwill and peace.  Watch as our Artist creates a beautiful keepsake for you to take home!   Each piece is custom packaged in a clear decorative box.

Decorate your own Flip Flops

It's time to lose your walking blues with "MAKE YOUR OWN FLIP FLOPS!" Get out of that pedestrian footwear and into a totally customized pair of sandals. An artisan will arrive on site with flip flops and a nearly endless supply of baubles, beads, and bling.

The fun begins when the guests design their own flops. Go glitzy and glam . . . or wacky and tacky. Let your creative juices flow and make a wonderful work of art that you can literally walk away in!

Photo Tower

Standing on 6.5’ of silver trussing, the Photo Tower is a prime example of us taking the “Old Fashioned” out of the photo booth!  Perfect for a few people or a large group, there’s plenty of room for everybody!  Get dressed up in a variety of props, then get your picture taken at the photo terminal… and then the fun begins.  Pick a photo filter including Color, B&W, Sepia or Vintage; choose between photo strips or animated gifs.  Then print your picture and send* it into cyberspace via your favorite social media portal, including; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email and Texting.

Tight Rope

Novelty acts and street performers have made the famous Mallory Square a world-renowned experience on the “Must See” list of many tourists.  Our expert Tight Rope walker will bring the sunset Key West festivities to your event with skill, grace, and a little comedy!

Green Screen Photography

Our Digital Snapshots will be a sure hit at your event and are a great addition or alternative to a traditional photographer.  Your guests may take pictures with our Celebrities, or with friends, in front of any predetermined background.  Just step in front of our green screen and we'll magically superimpose the background of your choice.  We can put you on the boardwalk in Key West, on a beach, or on a tropical island, far, far away, We'll even add your company logo!  Instantly, each guest will get a high quality digital photo to take home!

The Voodoo of Dr. Cardoo

Let Dr. Cardoo cast an enchanting spell on your guests.  No Tropical party would be complete without a visit from a VooDoo witch doctor!  Don’t let the straw skirt and painted face scare you!  This dynamic strolling sleight of hand artist only 

deals in Good Mojo! Dr. Cardoo provides the best in interactive magic and is the perfect greeter for any voodoo or island themed party! With his use of tribal magic paraphernalia and flash paper, he is guaranteed to excite and enthrall your guests!

Dancing Heads

A NEW captivating and innovative party entertainment is taking the U.S. by storm. DANCING HEADS will keep guests of all ages entertained and coming back for more! Not just lip-synching, not just karaoke. DANCING HEADS superimposes participants' heads on professional dancers' bodies while they sing along to some of the greatest pop hits of all time. The outrageous effect is completed with fully animated backgrounds. Monitors allow delighted viewers to watch participants become singing, dancing stars! It’s hilarious, mesmerizing, and the hit of the party! Fun-filled entertainment for everyone! Each guests receives a DVD copy to enjoy at home. Create an event they'll never forget with DANCING HEADS! Available for Personal and Corporate events, Trade Shows, School events, and Fairs & Festivals. 

BIG Chair Photos

Take a picture in a Big Chair!  This photo station really gets attention and guests have a blast!  Includes All-You-Can-Print 4x6 photos!

Flamingo Stilts or Characters

The one act everyone will look up to!  Our beautiful Flamingo Stilt Walkers  or Flamingo Girls will keep the party going, as they mingle, take photos, and dance the night away with your guests.

Bubbles on the Water

Witness the imaginative site of the Floating Bubbles ~


Our beautiful floating bubbles will glide gracefully across the water.  Each costumed performer will perform inside a floating ball creating a unique floating décor piece.


Throughout the 2 hours the performer will entertain 15-minute sets with 30-minute transitions.  During the transitions, the ball must be taken to the set up area to get more air!


Your guests will be captivated and amazed as our " Street" style magicians perform unbelievable close-up magic.


A carnival isn't a carnival without jugglers.  Our amazing jugglers juggle everything from tennis balls to bowling balls!  Our featured artist is Banks Helfrich, who has found recent fame on "Late Night with David Letterman" on CBS television.  Banks has recently appeared on 4 episodes demonstrating the unusual skill of bouncing on an 18-foot high ball!  

Tattoo Artists

We don't use the term "Tattoo Artist" lightly.  This talented team of artists will provide beautiful templates of your company logo or anything else you desire to be airbrushed onto your arm, leg, or…wherever!  Don't worry about showing up at your meeting the 

next day with a scorpion on your neck, as they wash off with soap and water.

Caricature Artist

These guys and gals are good.  Direct from Orlando theme parks, people from across the world have enjoyed oversized pictures of themselves, drawn by these amazing talents.

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